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Balaton Park Circuit is planned and constructed according to the highest safety standards and regulations and is fully equipped with ‘Tecpro’ barriers (no tire walls). 

Track length: 4.115 km

Track width: 12 – 15 m

Corners: 6 right and 10 left

Balaton Park Circuit Track Map White.png

The race control, made by MyLapsX2 technology, provides the safest control of all the action happening on the track, integrating the marshaling LED panels with real-time data, including GPS location and vehicle data.

Balaton Park Circuit led panel
x2-race-control-37.png copy.png


The BaseLink sends out radio frequency signals, which are picked up by the X2 RaceLink antennas mounted on each vehicle. The Baseline is installed at the start/finish line, positioned at the highest point, to provide the maximum line of sight. This will ensure an optimized wireless connection with the RaceLink installed on the vehicles.

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