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The first ever open public track day at BPC! Each session will offer solid 20 minutes of driving time with no risk of time loss. In the event of a session interruption for any reason, we pause the clock and guarantee the remaining time.

🏁 Saturday, August 19th, 2023

If you have purchased recently and did not receive an allocation email, please arrive to the registration desk by 15:00 to receive your allocated session!

  • Morning sessions start at 09:00

  • Afternoon sessions start at 13:00

  • We are not assigning specific times to maintain flexibility and ensure you get the most out of your driving time.

  • The day is for cars only! Bikes' day will take a bit more time but stay tuned. 

We ensure a memorable day at the track by observing a few key guidelines:

1. Passenger Swaps: For safety purposes, no changes of passengers will be allowed during sessions.


2. Speed Control: For everyone's safety, a speed limit of 10km/h is enforced in the parking and paddock areas.


3. Traffic Awareness: Expect to encounter both slow and fast traffic during your sessions. Stay alert and drive responsibly at all times!


4. Briefing Video: Make sure to watch the briefing video we provide to familiarize yourself with track rules and safety measures.


5. Camera Restrictions: For safety reasons, cameras are not allowed to be mounted on the exterior of your car.


6. Noise Limit: Please be respectful of our noise policy. The limit is set at 100db for all vehicles.


By participating in the event, you acknowledge and agree to these rules and the event's terms and conditions. We encourage you to read them carefully before purchasing your ticket. Let's enjoy a safe and exciting track day!


Driving Categories

Choose your preferred driving category - consider carefully which suits your skill level and comfort the most.
Note we may adjust your allocated category later.







This is perfect for those who simply want to enjoy a leisurely drive on the track, free from speed restrictions that bind the everyday roads. Although there's no speed limit, the overall speed of this group won't be overly fast, so you won't feel pressured to speed up or worry about being overtaken. But remember, stopping on the track is not permitted! This category is for road-legal cars only (with license plate).

If you possess some driving skills and are ready to test a faster-paced environment, this is the category for you. Expect cars to be moving at higher speeds, so be prepared to keep up with the pace.

This is for the experienced drivers who are not new to track days. If you're skilled and enjoy the thrill of high-speed driving, welcome aboard! Even non-road-legal cars are permissible in this group.

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